Re: Next steps and note to mailing list about Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Actually, no, I don't believe my behavior is inappropriate at all.

I consider my remarks pointedly accurate in the context they were made at
the time they were made.

I also see, however, that the management of this list has become
inflexible, and I would recommend changes be made in that regard.  If you
disagree with my statements, take it up with your local ombudsman.


On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 6:00 PM, Harry Halpin <> wrote:

> On 02/20/2015 01:44 AM, Colin Gallagher wrote:
> > Harry, I know you know this, but does everyone realize that the
> Netiquette
> > document linked within as part of the document Procedures, is from 1995?
> >
> > In light of some of the remarks I've made to the list, and my criticisms
> of
> > web wallets and the information collection that can result from them, and
> > comparisons I've made to today's information 'management' to the
> > information collection and group labeling conducted by Nazi Germany in
> > WWII, I may as well continue in this vein, risking what may be viewed as
> > further unproductive remarks... to say that a Netiquette document made in
> > 1995 that is being used in 2015 (twenty years later) is itself worthy of
> > questioning and review by any participants who may use it or be subjected
> > to it, for example.
> After internal discussion, W3C still operates by that code of ethics and
> professional conduct and currently sees no reason to change it.
> >
> > Of course, civility is well and good and should be welcomed in any
> > conversation, but censorship in any form (and indeed much of society is
> > already there) should surely not be.  This very subject is also being
> > debated on a completely different forum
> > <
> >
> > for those interested in it.
> After a certain number of participants complain that trolling behavior
> is not only counter-productive but making people feel personally
> uncomfortable,  we had an internal discussion and decided that we'd like
> to remind people that we at W3C do have a code of ethics and
> professional conduct which applies to all lists. If you feel your
> behavior may be questionable, please review it.
> We generally don't bring it up, but we do understand that some people
> may not be aware of it. If anyone thinks that a code of ethics and
> professional conduct is unnecessary, you may simply either leave the
> list or take it up with the ombudsman if you feel it is being applied
> unfairly.
>     cheers,
>           harry
> >
> > On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 3:28 PM, Harry Halpin <> wrote:
> >
> >> I'd like to remind everyone that while we at W3C are not responding in
> >> detail to every email, we are carefully watching the conversation evolve
> >> and eagerly looking forward to technical proposals that can build
> >> consensus. We know discussions can be fraught with disagreement and  can
> >> be difficult, but we believe the use-cases that motivate improved
> >> authentication, cryptography, and the use of hardware tokens on the Web
> >> are crucial to the future of the Open Web.
> >>
> >> However, several times on this mailing list we've had behavior, both
> >> onlist and even off-list, that some are viewing as not particularly
> >> constructive. In response to these complaints, we'd like to draw the
> >> attention of everyone to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> We understand that e-mails are often sent in haste and emotions can run
> >> high, but we must remember to treat each other with respect,
> >> professionalism, fairness, and sensitivity to our many differences and
> >> strengths. While we have perhaps been lax in this, from now on we will
> >> enforce our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:  patterns of
> >> behavior that systematically violate the code of conduct will be
> >> referred to an ombudsman for determination of next steps, and a personal
> >> note will be sent beforehand. However, we believe that we can overcome
> >> our differences and reach consensus on the next steps for securing the
> Web.
> >>
> >>    yours,
> >>          harry
> >>
> >>
> >>
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