Re: [Web Security IG] About hardware security working group charter

On 2015-12-17 12:52, GALINDO Virginie wrote:
> Dear all,
> This is a kind reminder that the Hardware Security Working Group charter [1] is currently open to comments on github.
> Rigo and I are currently working on issues raised by W3C members [2], but would welcome yours !

There's a huge bunch of possible work-items but no input specification(s).
Very few successful standardization efforts have started with a blank piece of paper.

That is, you need both preliminary specifications and working (but maybe prototype-ish) code.

 From my watchtower (FWIW) it also appears that "The Industry" that could be involved in this WG, already is engaged in "Competing" forums like FIDO alliance, GlobalPlatform, TrustedComputingGroup as well as in Open Source activities like Linaro.

Although non-member contributions are not honored, I second which doesn't appear to be "Taken" by any organization (yet).
For this work-item there's actually quite a lot of a priori work, code, and specifications.


> Regards,
> Virginie Galindo
> Gemalto
> Multi-chair
> [1] Hardware security WG draft charter
> [2] Hardware security WG draft charter current issues
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