W3C Web Payments activity under AC Review

Dear Web Security IG,
In case you missed it, the web payment IG is under review by the AC rep (see below). If you think it is important for your company to support it, don't forget to mention it to your AC rep, as new rules in W3C require to have a minimum of 5% supporters during AC reviews in order to validate a new activity.
Note that a F2F may happen during TPAC, if the IG creation happens.

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Dear All,

As I mentioned in my previous email, the W3C Web Payments activity is currently under review by W3C members. W3C members have to vote for the setup of this activity and tell us whether they will participate in it or not.
This review will last till October 10. It is required that at least 5% of the W3C membership support this activity for it to be launched. If you are working for a W3C member (see the list at http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Member/List ), I recommend you get in touch with the W3C representative of your company and work with him on the review. The more support this activity gets the better.
If you work for a W3C member and you don't know who is the representative, feel free to drop me an email.
The current timeline we have is still the one I mentioned in my previous mail: The review ends on October 10. If it is positive, the W3C director announce the activity on October 16, and the first face-to-face will take place 27/28 october in Santa-Clara, California. see http://www.w3.org/2014/11/TPAC/ If you have any question, don't hesitate to use these mailing-lists or contact me personally.
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