More specifics on the tasks that require volunteers?

On the call today, Virginie asked for some volunteers to contribute to the
various topics for the Web Security IG.  I gather we are talking about the
items at the bottom of this page:

Which are:

* Security specifications review
* Understanding security model of the web
* Mobile security analysis
* New security features to be developed in W3C
* Scouting new use cases and technologies including press artiles, good

As a new member to the group, it wasn't entirely clear to me *what*
specific tasks volunteers are needed for in the near future. Can someone
help narrow down the tasks and goals here?  I gather from other discussion
in the call that not all the wiki pages were up-to-date, so I'm not sure
what's current and what isn't, so I figured it was safer to ask.

Some questions to perhaps get discussion started:  For items like "security
model of the web" and "mobile security analysis" Is this mostly going to be
about gathering pointers to good resources, or are we hoping to create new
resources that unify and simplify this sort of information?  For, say,
security specifications review: Are we at the stage of making a list of
specifications that should be reviewed, or is there already a queue that
needs doing?  Are we trying to develop a procedure for such reviews not
unlike the model the IETF described earlier in the call?


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