Re: Fwd: [saag] IETF-89 BoF and WG session requests due end next week


one of the central topics in security for me is usability. We slide into a 
system fostering pervasive monitoring only because our tools are too hard to 
One of the central issues is authentication (not identification, I don't need 
to know the name/address of scubidoo34) I just want to be sure that I really 
share my conversation with scubidoo34 and not somebody else. 

The other bigger issue I see is with group communication. There, crypto has so 
far not produced viable results AFAIK. 

Then, there is the question of momentum and interest. Looks like despite all 
the outcry, security remains a very individual thing and people do not really 
see the potential or necessity of standardization (as in joint development). 

I would hope for contributions along those lines for the STRINT Workshop

 STRINT Co-chair
 STREWS Technical coordinator

On Tuesday 07 January 2014 16:36:13 Tobias Gondrom wrote:
> Just fyi in my personal view (not as WG chair): at this point I see only
> very limited activities at the IETF Websec WG. Key pinning will soon be
> finished, and if no other topics come up we may very soon discuss
> closing the WG. If there are any new items or I missed something, feel
> free to raise them.

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