Web filtering

There has been press recently in Australia about the security of the Internet in terms of children accessing pornography and in particular violent pornography.
I am aware that there are a number of web filtering software and DNS servers that will filter and block pornography and other unsafe web sites. The problem that I see with these are:
 - The software will need to be installed and maintained on each device, which could be costly and time consuming - Software may not be compatible with each device, for example across PC, Mac and smart phone devices - Parents may not be educated and have the technical knowledge or means to access this software - There may be ways of circumnavigating the software, for example by using a device that a user has administrative access to - Use of DNS servers that provide web filtering services slow down the speed of accessing web sites, for example video streaming

There are other options that have been considered in the past, such as a mandatory filter that was planned by the Australian government. This was very unpopular for a number of reasons.
Having said all this, my opinion is that more needs to be done to protect children from accessing pornography and in particular violent pornography, which is easily available on any unfiltered web browser with a connection to the Internet. My belief is that this needs to be done on the browser level, and I have some ideas for how this could be done.
Before going into details however, I would like to make sure that I am in the correct forum, as most likely there are others who are having these discussions. If any of the members of this forum could direct me to the correct place, or advise if I am in the correct place, I would appreciate this assistance.
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Received on Tuesday, 7 May 2013 12:35:33 UTC