W3C Web Security IG - conference call today @ 16:00 UTC - agenda proposal

Dear all,
For the ones planning to attend the Web Security IG call, scheduled in less than an hour, here is a proposed agenda.
Talk to you soon,
Virginie & Wendy

==== proposed agenda ====

- welcome

- short roll call of participants

- presentation of new "Technology & Society Domain" leader (aka Wendy) and W3C strategy (5')

- presentation of IG (3')

- presentation of topics to work on (45')
* web mobile security
* the new charter
* the review of EME
With an open mic for each topic, in the objective to identify sponsor/leader/contributors for those topics or any other

- advertising for the march W3C web payment workshop in Paris and the W3C/IAB strint workshop in London (3')

- organization of the IG (5')
Do we want more members and interactions ?
Do we want regular call ? do we want one F2F at strint workshop or TPAC week ?

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