Re: Req for feedback? Add attribute to elements to defeat clickjacking wrote, On 07/06/2011 19.15:
> Minimum visibility you mean that unless the marked element is not
> completely visible, then it shouldn't be clickable?
> -- Eduardo

BTW, that's exactly what ClearClick enforces (it actually checks for keyboard
events too, so "shouldn't be interactive" with a warning and an option to

-- G

> On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 11:56 AM, Michal Zalewski <> wrote:
>>>> 2) What if the button is visible (and therefore interactive), but only
>>>> for a very short period of time before a premeditated click (not
>>>> enough to give the user a chance to respond)?
>>> This is something the host page could detect right? How long the mouse
>>> is hovered over.
>> And for that part - sort of, though not very easily (there are many
>> odd corner cases, plus considerations with accessibility technologies
>> or keyboard browsing).
>> But most importantly, it's ugly, like framebusting or referrer
>> clicking. Browser-enforced minimum visibility would probably be a
>> useful part of a proposal like that. But that brings us pretty close
>> to the original whatwg discussion ;-)
>> /mz

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