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Re: More on XSS mitigation (was Re: XSS mitigation in browsers)

From: John Wilander <john.wilander@owasp.org>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 22:24:27 +0100
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2011/1/24 John Wilander <john.wilander@owasp.org>

> *Scripts vs Domains*
> I think we will have to be very clear in the spec on whether we're trusting
> scripts or domains. NoScript is actually NoDomain which I've tried to
> explain numerous times but IT people still interpret NoScript as actually
> filtering scripts.

This should really be Scripts vs Script references vs Domains since all
three have been suggested:

   - Signatures => filtering on scripts, effectively lexical layout and
   encoding of scripts, not semantics.
   - Nonces or full URLs => filtering on script references. One reference
   may point to N scripts and M references may point to one script. Developers
   often use bogus URL changes to circumvent caches so this is a reality.
   - Domains.


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