Re: XSS mitigation in browsers

> Also, what if a frame is moved underneath the cursor just milliseconds
> before the user clicks something - in which case, the tooltip appears
> too late to allow for any meaningful reaction?

It is probably also worth noting that looking at clickjacking as an
IFRAME-specific problem may be a bit too narrow. Consider this crude
Firefox proof-of-concept (still working):

Worse than that, the problem is also not specific to mouse clicks;
redirecting keyboard entry to off-screen frames is an issue, too (see,
cough, strokejacking for a particularly dramatic case - now mostly

I think there is a lot that needs to be done to make browsers
resilient to attacks that seek to route user input contrary to
victim's intent, and sadly, much of the changes needed for that go
against the current browser UI design paradigms ("blazing fast and
simple"), and some of the concepts behind HTML:

This is so unrelated to Adam's original post (or even the subsequent
discussion of CSP) that we should probably get our own thread if we
want to go there ;-)


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