Re: CSP syntax ABNF

On 2/23/11 5:07 PM, Brandon Sterne wrote:
> May I propose that I be given until EOD Friday to complete the CSP
> proposal reformatting, incorporating all of the changes and consensus
> points that we've reached as a group, and submit that to the WG as a
> initial basis for the specification?

I'm basically done with the reformatting, which has mostly consisted of
reordering the sections to closer match existing specs (CORS was
especially modeled after) and to be more normative where possible.  I've
also made changes and additions based on what I've taken as consensus
points reached on the WG mailing list thus far.  I'll summarize those
changes when I make the submission.

Just to provide an update to the group, I have the document ready to be
submitted and I am waiting to make sure I have the correct procedure to
follow in order to submit it to the group.

I'll be back in touch before the end of the weekend.


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