Re: javascript URIs on stylesheets/redirections

On Mon, 7 Dec 2009, Eduardo Vela wrote:
> It says:
> If a script is a javascript: URL in a style sheet
>     The owner is the URL of the style sheet.
> That means javascript URIs will be allowed?

No, it just defines the origin of the javascript: URL. Whether javascript: 
works in CSS is an issue for the CSS and javascript: URL specifications.

> If a script is a javascript: URL that was returned as the location of an
> HTTP redirect (or equivalent in other protocols)
>     The owner is the URL that redirected to the javascript: URL.
> This is NOT happening as of right now.. on any browser afaik. you can try!
> And preview:
> The only "redirect" that executes JS are Refresh (via headers or meta).. but
> I wouldn't consider them an HTTP redirect.. per se..

Again, whether it executes or not is not a matter for the HTML5 spec to 
define; I just want to make sure that if it _does_, the origin is 

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