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PTO orders re-examination of Eolas patent

From: Bob Monsour <bob@bobmonsour.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 20:56:47 -0500
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See the following story from oreillynet.com


-Bob Monsour

P.S. Here's the relevant snippet from the story.

Apparently, the PTO responded to this request, saying "a substantial 
outcry from a widespread segment of the affected industry has 
essentially raised a question of patentability." This order, issued on 
October 30, reviewed the claims and declared that the prior art 
introduced by Berners-Lee and Raggett raised "a substantial new 
question of patentabity." The order, signed by Steve Kunin, Deputy 
Commissioner of the US PTO, called for a reexamination of all claims 
relating to the '906 patent.

A patent lawyer that I spoke to said that the quick response by the PTO 
was unusual, and he thought it was a good sign. He said that the order 
seemed to give a clear indication of support for the claims against the 
patent. We'll now have to wait for a patent examiner to examine the 
evidence in more detail and rule on the patent.

If you want to follow the adminstrative procedures, go to 
http://pair.uspto.gov/cgi-bin/final/home.pl and the type in the 
application number: 90/006,831.
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