TPAC WebPerf meetings next week!

Hey folks!

As I'm preparing to take an international flight (the first in 2.5 years!!)
towards Vancouver, I'm super excited about our upcoming meetings next week!
The agenda <> is full of great sessions, and I
can't wait to see y'all there, in-person as well as online.

A few things worth mentioning:

   - If you're there in person - the meetings will be in a different room
   every day. I added the rooms (with links to the floor map) to the agenda.
   - If you're joining online - the meeting link should be identical for
   all our meetings. If you want a calendar invite and didn't get one, join
   - On Monday Pacific Time afternoon, we'll be having a hands-on workshop
   to play around with real-life webperf issues. I'm not sure how amenable
   that would be for remote participation, but if folks would like to join and
   follow along, it'd definitely be possible.
   - After that, on Monday late afternoon, we've added a couple of slots
   that are APAC friendly, as we have APAC presenters that would be joining us!

See you in Vancouver!! :)

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