Survey for interest in WebPerf WG @ TPAC 2022

Hi everyone!

The W3C WebPerf Working Group is taking a poll to understand how its 
members would like to participate in TPAC 2022 

TPAC is a yearly meeting for W3C members and working groups to get 
together and discuss issues and proposals.  The past two years were held 

In 2022 the W3C is planning to have a "hybrid" physical/virtual TPAC in 
Vancouver on 12-16 September 2022.  There will be a physical meetup in 
Vancouver, alongside a virtual option for those wishing to attend remotely.

We would like WebPerf WG members to take a poll indicating your desire 
to participate in TPAC 2022, and how you would like to attend (virtually 
or physically):


Note that this is _not a commitment in any way_, just an indication of 
intent.  Results will only be visible to the W3C WebPerf Chairs, and 
will be used for planning purposes.


- Nic

Received on Wednesday, 16 March 2022 22:45:33 UTC