Re: WebPerfWG call - June 9th 10am PT

Minutes are now available:

   - Linked to from our WebPerf WG Agenda document
   - Published to the web-performance Github meetings page
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   - Nic Jansma, Mike Henniger, Yo'av Moshe, Yoav Weiss, Patrick Meenan,
   Alex Christensen, Giacomo Zecchini, Alon Kochba, Amiya Gupta, Carine, Sean
   Feng, Michal Mocny, Benjamin De Kosnik, Abin Paul, John Engebretson, Marcel
   Duran, Timo Tijhof, Steven Bougon, Ian Clelland, Tim Kadlec, Andrew Galloni,


   - TPAC 2022

   - September in Vancouver
   - 9am-noon PST Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

   - Yoav: Will be sending CFC for auto-publish of LCP and Event Timing
   - Survey for meeting times - please fill out, and we'll discuss next time


MinutesManaged components - Yo'av Moshe


   - Yo'av: Working for CloudFlare, part of acquisition for Zaraz
   - ... Talking about something we started called Managed Components
   - ... Managed Components are a way to redefine how third-party tools
   work online (and not online)
   - ... How third-party script tags work
   - ... <script> tag into HTML
   - ... Performance: Another server we need to connect to, the script can
   do anything
   - ... Also a problem in terms of security
   - ... Can collect things it's not supposed to collect and could cause
   Privacy issues
   - ... URL itself could include identifying information, collected as
   part of analytics tool
   - ... You can't know, as the data leaves the browser and goes to a
   remote server
   - ... With Zaraz we tried solving this with an attempt to
   reverse-engineer ~50 tools, try to figure out what they're doing and what
   information they're extracting from the browser.  Replicate that
   server-side via CloudFlare Workers.
   - ... Collected that information once.  If you have avg ~21 different
   tools all collecting information (page, title, screen res), instead of each
   of them running JS and sending a request, we collect once and manipulate on
   the server
   - ... This works until we join CloudFlare, since we moved from 100 users
   to 9000 websites running Zaraz
   - ... As we move to more websites we hear requests for support of more
   - ... We realized we needed another way to do this (instead of
   reverse-engineering everything), shift the power dynamics and ask vendors
   to write better tools
   - ... For existing scripts, even before you start, you're already asking
   for another request from the browser to fetch the script
   - ... Managed Components:
   - ... Benefits include:
   - ... Today each tool has their own event collection API
   - ... With this, each component hooks into the events they care about
   and the tool dispatches
   - ... Can define specific routes, and have different behavior for each
   - ... SSR embeds, i.e. twitter embed on articles, all of this can happen
   while the response is being sent to the browser.  Appears to be first
   party.  No layout shifts, since it's not loading async later.
   - ... Client events is standardizing events like scroll, view, click.
   Cross-browser and cross-platform.  Could run on a mobile or desktop
   - ... Pre-page rendering actions, because they run on server, you know
   about the page view as part of the request from the browser instead of
   later when the browser loads the analytics and sends a beacon
   - ... Tool to manage consent better
   - ... Example of component
   - ... On page view, event gets dispatched and the callback fires a beacon
   - ... Runs zero JavaScript on website
   - ... Server-side capabilities
   - ... Managed Components require some type of runtime (manager)
   - ... Manager API:
   - ... Manager is the environment this gets executed
   - ... Enforces user configuration:
   - ... Could be implemented in different ways:
   - ...  Working on an open format and runtimes, with other vendors:
   - ... Pushing forward WebCM, our OS reference implementation of
   Component Manager.  Works as a proxy, and you can run Managed Components on
   your site now.
   - ... We are taking 10 different components in Zaraz and open-sourcing
   them too
   - ... FB analytics, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
   - ... Vision:
   - ... Scanned top sites in US, ~21 third parties, Lighthouse score was
   reduced by 41% when third-party tools were included
   - Yoav: You were talking to third-party providers about integration.
   Did you get any pushback on lack of access to Client Storage, or is that
   part of permissions you're allowing some scripts to access
   - Yo'av: localStorage, cookies, etc?
   - Yoav: Yes
   - Yo'av: There's a client object, that represents a visitor to the
   website.  You can get/set on that object.  We're not revealing cookies
   directly, but a key-value storage.  More transparent to the tool itself.
   - ... Can also get information by another tool, e.g. you can get the
   Google Analytics identifier
   - ... In general, the approach is there's fine line, to abstract some of
   those browser APIs, often because they're meant for backward compatibility,
   and for the sake of cross-platform
   - Nic: Thinking how this can be applied to a RUM analytics provider,
   trying to measure interactions inside the page. How does something that
   needs to run inside the page to get the data
   - Yo’av: The component would put an event listener on a thing and the
   manager collects the data and sends it to the manager, who’d dispatch it
   - Nic: Complexities in adapting existing tools, probably. Tools have
   their own unique way of collecting data. Part of the challenge in providing
   a compat layer
   - Yo’av: Definitely a challenge, we try to keep it similar to how it
   happens in the browser
   - Yoav: If a component needs direct access to the DOM e.g. to read DOM
   structure or sizes, is that something that's not possible?
   - Yo'av: Good question, we don't have a specific answer yet.  If we hear
   the request once, from one vendor, maybe they need to request higher root
   permission.  But if we hear the request more than once, we have to figure
   out how to do something together.
   - ... With session recording tools, you need to have the root permission
   to run JavaScript in the page.  They work better as a managed tool, the
   overall JavaScript the browser executes is less.
   - ...
   - Yoav: From my perspective this is interesting for multiple reasons, I
   agree with the premise that the way 3P are loaded today is interesting for
   security and performance.  Interesting to standardize API you're working
   on. Maybe this Working Group could be a good fit, or Sever-Side Web
   Interoperability CG (WinterCG).
   - ... Ideally eventually standardizing the API would be interesting.
   - ... The other angle of this is that we'll find out 3P will need a new
   API, maybe there's a new web API that the manager could handle those
   registrations and execute that on the client side in a way that's better
   than what we have today
   - Alex: Seems very ambitious but interesting
   - ... If I was an analytics provider that loads scripts with a <script>
   tag, has full permission and gets the information that I want, what
   incentive do I have to use this new thing?
   - Yo'av: We're seeing interest coming from vendors, because they're
   seeing interest from their customers. For analytics, they're not making
   money from actual data, but from their customers paying for the data.
   - ... Managed Components just gives you more control over your
   - ... Vendor can tell from their customers that there's a better way of
   running their tool, that it's the fastest possible, more secure, private
   - Patrick: Timing wise, it's a good time as browsers start doing more
   privacy partitioning of cookies, network stacks, IP anonymization etc.  Are
   there controls on module/serving side as far as what gets set to the
   origin.  For example, Safari/Firefox are starting to do IP anon proxies to
   protect IP and other information.  In theory that privacy information could
   be going out to third parties that was trying to be blocked by browser.
   - Yo'av: This is the Component Manager's responsibility.  For IP
   addresses, let's assume the real IP address gets revealed to the manager
   (run by first-party).  The manager can say anonymize IPs before forwarding
   to the different tools.  Depends on each manager, outside of the specs.
   - ... Tools are expecting specific schema for each event, up to the
   manager to fulfill the schema.
   - Patrick: Feels like an area that might be right for standardization,
   before it becomes a battle
   - Yoav: I could see browsers anonymizing all requests they're sending so
   even the manager isn't aware of the IP
   - Timo: Also touches a bit on the GDPR cookies, does this manager know
   what the client told what to include and not include?
   - Yo'av: We are working on integration with some consent management
   tools.  We know what tools are writing cookies.  At this point we're not
   doing anything more automatically.  Could be something the Manager takes
   care of?
   - ... Components could provide hints on what's required when its' run

Extend 'NavigationType' to include User Agent Launch - Amiya Gupta


   - Amiya: When reporting RUM numbers to leadership, one factor is that
   browser launch can be a significant factor that affects many webpages
   - ... Page A when it doesn't get browser launches, vs. Page B (email
   links, start page, etc), Page B can be reported as much worse as the
   browser is also launching
   - ... Page and browser are competing for the same resources
   - ... Proposal is NavigationType could be extended to also have
   useragent_launch in addition to navigate, reload, back_forward, prerender
   - ... Can then factor out launches if needed.  Apples to apples is just
   for Navigates.
   - Nic: Do you have an example of the extent for how browser launches
   affect it
   - Amiya: In P75/P90, it can be a number of seconds difference
   - Yoav: Do you have a sense of what it would mean to specify this?
   Right now the existing ones map easy to HTML concepts, but we probably
   don't have something specific for launch
   - Amiya: We have an Origin Trial in Edge
   - Yoav: Does it include opening a browser window to a new window?  If
   it's re-using a browser process?
   - Amiya: Not if it's sharing the same process, but if it's a new
   profile, etc
   - ... PWAs is another scenario where the launch is its own app
   - Yoav: Interesting to talk to HTML folks to see if this is something we
   can easily wire up, or worse-case hand-wave around it
   - Patrick: Is there a differentiation between the launch (from
   command-line or intent) and user opens new browser and immediately clicks
   bookmark while contending with background start
   - Amiya: The intent is for the second case not be counted as a
   useragent_launch.  There could still be contention, but not included in the
   - Timo: Most CI, would that affect it?
   - Patrick: For WPT, it waits for the browser to be idle before launching
   the navigation
   - Yoav: The goal of RUM collection is not to collect it from the lab, so
   I'd consider this being an edge-case
   - Patrick: The other place is things like Chrome Custom Tabs as a
   replacement for Web App Views, and how they fit into this model, as you can
   pre-warm the browser before navigating.
   - ... Knowing your page was loaded as a launch from web view, and you're
   the first one to "warm up" the tab is probably useful data.

Render Blocking Resources - Abin Paul


   - Abin: Give direct signal from browser about which resources are
   - ... Adding a new renderBlockingStatus to ResourceTiming object
   - ... "blocking" or "non-blocking"
   - ... Previous work:
   - ... Additional previous work:
   - ... Needs a few spec changes:
   - ... Would it make sense to change to a boolean?
   - ... Nic: Shared example in Chrome traces with 4-5 different states.
   Why not go with 5 sets of states
   - Yoav: Fetch boolean was added for blocking="render" attribute, and
   only the very first value represents render blocker resources, where others
   are parser blocking or running execution in the middle of other things,
   which isn't strictly render blocking
   - ... Doesn't take a value that prevents browser from rendering unless
   it's blocked doing other work
   - ... Preference to align on boolean value.  Previous values represented
   other forms of blocking.
   - ... WebPagetest which uses these values, only translates them into a
   boolean.  They didn't find use for the 5 enums, they just use blocking vs.
   - Nic: Seems like a very straightforward way of exposing useful
   information and as a RUM vendor it's something I would like to pick up

- Nic

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> Hey folks,
> Let's meet <> tomorrow to talk about
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> <>
> we have render blocking status for resources, launch status for navigation
> timing as well as a proposal for managed third-party components.
> See y'all there!
> Cheers :)
> Yoav

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