Fwd: Virtual TPAC 2021 - Registration now open; call for breakout sessions

Hey folks!

TPAC registration is now open! As a reminder, we'll be meeting On October
25-29th 8am-11am PST (6pm-9pm IL time, 5pm-8pm CET, 11am-2pm ET). Please
add topic proposals
the agenda.

Cheers :)

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Subject: Virtual TPAC 2021 - Registration now open; call for breakout
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Dear Advisory Committee Representative,
Chairs, Working Groups and Community Groups who intend to meet (bcc’ed),
AB, TAG, Evangelists, W3C Chapters,

Registration for Virtual TPAC 2021 is now open. You will find below
further details to get ready for TPAC

Schedule & Format

* 12 October: AC Meeting

From 18 to 29 October:https://www.w3.org/2021/10/TPAC/format.html

* 18-22 October: Breakout sessions week [Including social Events]
See information about the call for breakout sessions below
* 25-29 October: Working, Interest, Business, Community Group meetings
and Joint meetings week
* Expo space
* Networking

Participation and Registration

Please register to any TPAC session you wish to attend:

The sessions and happenings from 18 to 29 October will take place on a
virtual attendee hub on a
dedicated platform (hosted on CVent)

We are happy to release today a short video that focuses on the TPAC
2021 logistics. Please take a
moment to watch it and share it with your colleagues!
Linked from https://www.w3.org/2021/10/TPAC/#participation

Call for TPAC 2021 Breakout sessions

The week of October 18 will be dedicated to a distributed unconference
as part of TPAC,
with a series of 1-hour breakouts whose topics are defined by TPAC participants.

We invite the W3C community to suggest breakout sessions before
October 8 via the wiki:https://www.w3.org/wiki/TPAC/2021/SessionIdeas

Chairs, please encourage your groups and communities to contribute their
ideas to the wiki as early as possible; since this year again, the
breakouts are virtual, participants will benefit from early scheduling
of the sessions.

We plan on releasing a first schedule on October 11. A few last minute
breakout proposals can be added until October 15 at the latest, but
please note that these proposals will have less flexibility in their

In addition to the usual breakout discussions organized for the
traditional TPAC community (IG/WG/BG participants, selected CG
participants, W3C member representatives), and building on the "public
breakout" program from last year, this year again, breakout proposals
can opt-in to make their breakouts open to anyone (TPAC participant or
not) to attend.

Building on the successful externally-organized breakouts from last year
[1], we are also aiming to get more of these to bring more diverse
voices into the W3C community - please contact Dominique Hazaël-Massieux,
W3C Developer Relations Lead (dom@w3.org
if there are communities you know
of we should reach out to as part of that program. These externally-organized
breakouts can be financially supported by the TPAC Fellow program [2].

And to ensure these new voices feel as included and welcomed as
possible, we are also offering a strengthened training program for
volunteer W3C meeting facilitators:


Should you need any assistance, please contact w3t-tpregister@w3.org

We look forward to seeing you virtually!

With kind regards,

Alexandra Lacourba
W3C Global Events Coordinator

[1] https://medium.com/processing-foundation/p5-js-x-w3c-tpac-bee4c621a053
[2] https://www.w3.org/blog/2021/06/diversity-and-inclusion-at-w3c-inclusion-fund-and-fellowships-for-tpac-2021/#fellowship

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