Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: WebPerfWG call - September 16th @ 10am PST

Thanks for the Michal's great presentation about animation smoothness measurement. I'm sorry couldn't join.

Some thoughts after watching the recording.

As a web app developer, I would be interested in getting more visibility on when we have the various conditions highlighted in the talk. For example, signals about checkerboard existence during scroll is something we care about a lot.

I like the notion of creating a "probability user experienced junk" measurement but I agree it would be very hard to combine the different signals to a single value which will be sufficient for the various apps use cases.

It feels to me that providing more of the raw information and letting users of the API deduce how they wish to aggregate it and draw conclusions about the user animation smoothness experience will be a helpful direction at this point. This would be like how users choose to use event timing and element timing API to build their own metrics.

I was wondering, is anyone aware of past research around animation smoothness equivalent to the research around response time < 100ms which we can build on to propose an industry standard recommendation?
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Thanks all for the lively meeting yesterday!! We had a great discussion both on Smoothness and Priority Hints.

Minutes<> are now published, as well as a recording<> of Michal's presentation.

Cheers :)

On Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 9:02 PM Yoav Weiss <<>> wrote:
Hey folks,

Let's meet up<> tomorrow to talk WebPerf! On the agenda<> we have a smoothness metric proposal, and perhaps we'll discuss some issues as time permits.

The presentation portions of the call will be recorded and posted online.

See y'all tomorrow! :)

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