WebPerf WG @ TPAC 2021 - Schedule

Hi everyone!

I order to increase participation and diversity in the W3C Web 
Performance Working Group, we are considering whether we should shift 
the time of day that we have our bi-weekly calls.

We've created a poll to help us understand how useful this would be:


This poll is a follow-up from a presentation and discussion at TPAC 2021:


Currently, we meet at:

* 10am PST (US)
* 1pm EST (US)
* 5pm UTC
* 6pm BST (UK)
* 1am CST (CN)
* 2am JST (JP)

We are considering whether we should shift the meeting time 2 hours 
earlier, which we think would help with participation.

Please fill out https://forms.gle/quaNW3wDLzgWQ6aSA if you participate 
(or would like to participate) in the Working Group.


- Nic
W3C WebPerf Co-Chair

Received on Thursday, 18 November 2021 19:00:43 UTC