W3C WebPerf @ TPAC 2021: Schedule Options

Hi everyone!

On the last call, we briefly discussed TPAC 2021, which is the annual 
get-together for all the working groups.  For 2021 it will be virtual again.


We have a few options for how long, and what days the WebPerf WG would meet.

Last year, for TPAC 2020, we met for 4 days, for 3 hours each (9am-12pm 
PST / 12pm-3pm EST / 4pm-7pm GMT), Mon-Thurs, for a total of 12 hours.

We expect to need a similar amount of time this year, though we can 
always trim down the number of days depending on the the agenda as it 
gets more finalized.

This year we're proposing the same schedule as last year, as well as 
some similar ones, with shifted start times or spreading the event over 
two weeks instead of one.

*We'd love to hear what kind of scheduled you'd prefer**.* The form 
below presents a few options, or you can write in your own:



- Nic
W3C WebPerf Co-Chair

Received on Thursday, 8 July 2021 14:38:16 UTC