Re: HR-Time L3 now points to Level 3.


On 9/29/2020 11:55 AM, Yoav Weiss wrote:
> Hey folks,
> As part of the hackathon, we realized that:
>    - HR-Time had a bunch of issues with its algorithm definitions (e.g.
>    this one <>) that need fixing.
>    - Once we fixed them <>, we
>    realized that other specs need to change
>    <> their calls to those
>    algorithms as well.
>    - But since HR-Time L2 is currently in REC, there's no easy way to
>    publish the editor's draft so that it can be referenced from other specs.
> Talking about the above with +Philippe Le Hegaret <>, +Nic Jansma
> <> and folks at the hackathon, it seemed like the easiest path
> forward with this is to leave HR-Time L2 be, and publish the fixes as part
> of HR-Time L3, as a Working Draft.
> That would enable us to link to it rather soon, and continue to evolve the
> spec in the future.
> As we discussed previously, we would likely wish to move to a Living
> Standard model for this and other specs, but that's an orthogonal question.
> Given the above, I asked Philippe to publish the current hr-time
> tip-of-tree as an L3 ED.
> Feel free to ping me with any questions you may have regarding that.
> Cheers :)
> Yoav

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