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WebPerfWG call - November 19 2020


Yoav Weiss, Dave Pifke, Nic Jansma, Noam Helfman, Noam Rosenthal, Sean
Feng, Benjamin De Kosnik, Michal Mocny, Michelle Vu, Thomas Kelly, Steven
Bougon, Nicolas Pena, Peter Perlepes

Next Call

December 3rd at 10am PST / 1pm PST

Case study: Wikipedia preview popup extension - Noam Rosenthal

   - Presentation: Optimizing MediaWiki Preview Popups
   - (
   - Performance challenges of developing real-world popups, and how/which
   improvements in the web platform could help
   - Noam: Freelance web developer, in this case working with Wikipedia
   - ... Idea was to look at existing popular web feature (Wikipedia
   preview popups), see what’s missing in web platform to make this easier in
   the future
   - … Everytime there’s new concepts like popovers, there are performance
   problems and solutions that are non-standard
   - … Research into what the web platform could provide
   - … When you hover or focus on a link, you see a balloon with content
   from the next page, snippet of text and thumbnail
   - … UI requirements such as clipping the image, cursor appears to mouse,
   place based on viewport, and stacks on top of the navigation elements
   - … Stacking vs. Placement dilemma: Does it go in tree or out of tree
   - … Out of the tree requires measurement
   - … Layout thrashing is difficult to make go away if there’s any
   - … Due to JavaScript execution delays, by the time you get client
   rects, you could be off
   - … Contributes to layout thrashing and jank
   - … Top layer research (
   separates ???
   - … popper.js find a way to position a popup relative to another
   element, can cause layout thrash, part of Bootstrap (3% web usage)
   - … “relative-to” proposal as well
   - … Tried to use MouseEvent.offsetX to find position of cursor, they
   have bugs, FF is different from Chromium and Safari
   - … TIL: Only way to totally remove thrashing is to totally remove
   synchronous measurements
   - … Batching them together reduces them but does not remove them
   - Yoav: Would an async measurement API have helped here? Or would the
   response return too late?
   - Noam: It would help but not be optimal. If you had something like
   ResizeObserver but for position, it would be one solution, if it worked on
   coordinates but not sizes
   - Yoav: And IntersectionObserver does not help here
   - Noam: IO does not tell where an element is
   - … Might want to have a PositionObserver as an intermediate solution
   ,but I was trying to solve popups at a high level.
   - … Clipping: SVG used by Wikipedia, requires a lot of code
   - … Tried to replace with modern clip-path, but polygons don’t have
   rounded corners, and paths only have absolute coordinates, so you can’t
   make a responsive balloon
   - … I was able to mimic the behavior with polygon here since it only
   needed a 2px radius, so I just switched to a straight line
   - … Working with CSS WG on a new shape
   - … Overriding default behavior, i.e. Title attribute has a default
   behavior for a tooltip
   - … On wikipedia, JS removes the title attribute and reinstated it when
   the popup is hidden
   - … Code appears in profiler, new style calculation in case something
   relies on the title attribute for styling
   - … Looked at web usage, Bootstrap tooltips do this, on hover it removes
   the title attribute
   - … What I would expect to happen is preventDefault could be used
   - … preventDefault behavior is not standard and does nothing on mouseover
   - Yoav: Is any browser doing what you think is the right thing in
   preventDefault on mouseover?
   - Noam: No
   - Yoav: Could be an implementation bug on all three
   - Noam: Websites are built with the preventDefault behavior in mind,
   like in the example link to bootstrap-tooltip
   - Noam Helfman: From what I remember, tooltips are implemented using
   title or JavaScript, are not considered accessible
   - Noam R: Preview popups are accessible, you can reach them with focus
   but they’re aria-hidden
   - Thomas: They’re pulling from content that the link is referencing --
   it’s a navigation away
   - Noam: Titles in general are sometimes discouraged. For Wikipedia, when
   Popup Preview is not available the tooltip (via title) works
   - … Looked for suboptimal but viable solutions
   - … First thing was to do all sync measurements at the event handler,
   reduces some thrashing but not 100%
   - … Still needs to use getClientRects() which does too many things,
   needs to calculate transforms, etc.  All I care about is the hit rect from
   my mouse event, but I still have to call getClientRects()
   - … Next, I’m using a polygon with semi-rounded corners, OK for this UI
   but if a designer wanted different rounding that wouldn’t be available
   - … Finally I’m removing all title attributes which works for MediaWiki,
   but might not be OK for libraries like bootstrap
   - … Feature requests: Solution for popovers (stacking vs. placement)
   - … Fix MouseEvent.offset[X|Y]
   - … Flexible shape clip-path
   - … preventDefault for mouseover should disable native tooltip
   - … Main takeaway for this group is not just about monitoring, but
   sometimes performance is about fixing bugs and allowing forms of expression
   - Yoav: One more question about offsetXY issues, currently we have
   different behavior in Firefox vs. Chrome/Safari, do we have breakage in
   Firefox about that different behavior?
   - Noam: There are bugs reported, and many people just recommend to not
   use it.  StackOverflow answers often suggest getBoundingClientRect() --
   which is a frequent answer, they don’t have a solution so they recommend
   it, causing performance problems
   - Noam Helfman: Would using MutationObserver(?) work here
   - Noam R: You still need to measure it somehow, you need
   ResizeObserver.  Just doing one sync measurement would help.
   - … Mutations don’t consider scrolling, images loading, fonts loading
   - Noam H: Correlated with IntersectionObserver and events, it becomes a
   - Gilles: My main comment for this particular is how difficult it is to
   do the good thing and how easy it is to do the bad thing.  We frequently
   have performance reviews and say “please don’t use that API”, but in some
   cases this is the only thing available to use
   - … Very advanced CSS and JS knowledge required to do this properly
   - … Maybe we should warn people more about expensive JS functions that
   are used frequently
   - Yoav: What I can imagine us (as web platform) is assuming we fix those
   things, people won’t necessarily adopt the fix, but PR those fixes to the
   libraries to help make them more performant
   - Noam: I think library developers want to do the right thing, e.g.
   jquery using offsetX, there was already a fix.  I think people want to do
   the right thing.
   - Yoav: Most of the issues you mentioned are not things this working
   group can solve, beyond that what other low-hanging fruit is out there?
   - Noam: I think going back to the performance WG, besides being
   advocates, having wider knowledge and conversations with other groups, I
   would say measuring and alerting about layout thrashing and sync
   measurement would help.  Maybe even a performance entry for that.
   - … Any time there was a style calculation/layout that didn’t come from
   painting, this should be a yellow flag.
   - Yoav: Flagged in dev tools in some modes, but not in the wild.  And
   this kind of measurement is highly dependent on user interaction, and may
   not be seen in the lab
   - Noam: One thing I found if you have a perf review of a website about
   jankiness, look for usage of getBoundingClientRect, smoking gun
   - Yoav: Part I’m having trouble with is if there’s another different
   async API that could be a replacement, or there will still be cases where
   get getBoundingClientRect() would still be needed
   - Noam: It’s an API that might get called a lot. Trying to synchronize
   position with JS, would still be hard. The real solution is to figure out a
   way to add popups that get stacked with the whole page. Several solutions
   to that that would let the browser lay out that element. Any other solution
   would require JS on scroll.
   - Benjamin: Was curious about what Gilles said is JS libraries doing the
   wrong things, are there examples?
   - Noam: My examples about popper and bootstrap-tooltip, they’re doing
   the wrong thing but that’s just because there’s not another solution
   - Yoav: Right order would be creating a reasonable alternative, then
   ask/PR them to move to it.

Issue Triage

   - What should transferSize, encodedBodySize and decodedBodySize in
   Navigation + Resource Timing represent for responses where a Service Worker
   is involved? · Issue #124 · w3c/navigation-timing

   - Yoav: Currently, they’re all returning 0, probably not what we want
   them to
   - … Discussion one what we should be returning
   - … Issue coalesced on returning values as close as possible to the
   transferred sizes
   - … responseBody in Fetch has equivalence to encoded and decoded body
   - … Does not have equivalence to transferSize
   - … Then when a SW is putting together various response objects, we
   could take those values and report them
   - … Question to the group, does this make sense?
   - … From my perspective the proposal makes general sense, the thing that
   scares me are the Fetch integration pieces
   - … We’ll need ResourceTiming to operate on a response object in order
   to make use of those parameters
   - Nicolas: Do we know what other browsers do?
   - Yoav: Safari doesn’t implement sizes, Firefox returns 0
   - Nicolas: We want to fix this in the spec first
   - Yoav: Fixing it may require full Fetch integration
   - Nic: Could we align with Fetch spec’s concepts without fully aligning
   the whole spec with Fetch?
   - Yoav: Maybe there’s a path forward with integrating the Response
   object in the processing model and reporting those values


   - Yoav: Sam Weiler pointed out that the document claims to be normative,
   but it’s just documentation. Xiaoxian recommended to obsolete the document.
   Haven’t looked lately.
   - … Might be worthwhile for someone to go over it and determine that.
   Anyone feels like they want to take on that task?
   - Nic: Do we want to maintain that document?
   - Yoav: If it’s indeed out-of-date, we should probably obsolete it.
   Maybe the right place for it is in MDN or another developer-facing venue
   - Nicolas: Has anyone used this document?
   - Nic: Analytics?
   - Yoav: Has anyone looked at this document?
   - <crickets>
   - Yoav: Might be the right call to obsolete it.
   - Nic: From GH traffic analytics - 3 unique visitors, the people that
   filed the issue
   - Yoav: Can ask around Chrome folks to see if they think it’s useful and
   want to maintain it.
   - … Benjamin, I believe the original motivation for this was from
   Mozilla. Can you ask around on the Mozilla side?
   - Benjamin: Will do. You have my support to deprecate this.
   - Nic: Marcos proposed moving it to MDN in 2018.
   - Yoav: We can settle on obsoleting this unless something says it’s

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>>> performance related issues he ran into in the process, as well as a Resource
>>> Timing/Service Workers issue
>>> <>.
>>> Join us <>! Also, feel free to add
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