WebPerfWG triage call: January 31st @ 11am PST

Hey all,

Please join us on the next WG call to triage vs. issues and discuss their
resolution. The call will use the following hangout link

Current agenda includes:



      "deadline" in the "start an idle period algorithm" should be defined
      in terms of event loop

   Graduating Resource Timing L2

      TAO model and redirects: #173
      <https://github.com/w3c/resource-timing/issues/173> & #197

      Testing status

   Navigation Timing

      8 open issues
      to discuss

Feel free to add more items you want to discuss to the agenda doc

See y'all tomorrow :)

P.S. As previously discussed, I plan to start recording the group's calls.
Tomorrow would be my first attempt at that.

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