Hey all,

TPAC is ~6 weeks from now, so in order to start preparing, I've set up an
agenda document at

It's current almost empty, but please *fill in issues and new designs* you
want to see discussed there or on which you want to present, under the
"agenda scratchpad" section. Also, under "attendees" please *fill in your
name, affiliation* and in case you can only partially participate, which
days you'd be able to make it, and if you can only join remotely.

On that last point, we're planning to enable remote participation similar
to the F2F. We're still working out the logistics of what that would look
like exactly.

Cheers and hope to see y'all there! (and on the calls before then :D)

Received on Thursday, 1 August 2019 09:06:19 UTC