RE: WebPerf group call - triage - September 20th @ 11am PST

Unfortunately, I’m going to miss today’s call. I owe the group actions on various work items but have been unable to find a day to spend on those. It appears I should have the time in next 2 weeks.

I’m open for Design call in 2 weeks on Oct 1-4th and also available on Oct 8/9/12th.


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Hey folks,

Just a heads-up, we'll be using a different hangouts link today:<>

See you on the call! :)
On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 9:40 AM Yoav Weiss <<>> wrote:
Hey all,

As discussed on the last call, let's talk this Thursday about the various issues needs triaging and resolving.

Tentative agenda<>:

  *   Preload

     *   14 open issues<>
     *   2 shipping implementations (but tests don’t look good)

  *   Resource Timing

     *   PR - fire resourcetimingbufferfull async<>
     *   Untriages issues


  *   ???

Please let me know if there's any other issues you'd like to discuss.

See you on the call! :)

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