Re: Time To Interactive Definition

For posterity [1], here is the definition of "contentInteractive" that we
adopted within Firefox OS:

"Emit this marker when your application designates that it has bound the
events for the minimum set of functionality to allow the user to interact
with the "above-the-fold" content made available at visuallyLoaded."

Granted, this mark was implied, not inferred.

Eli Perelman


On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 11:01 AM Timothy Dresser <>

> As discussed in our last meeting, here
> <>'s
> a description of Chrome's current implementation of Time to Interactive.
> Here
> <>'s
> some rough brainstorming on the next step for Chrome's implementation.
> At TPAC, we're hoping to discuss:
>    - The high level objective of TTI.
>    - Chrome's current algorithm for computing TTI.
>    - Enabling TTI measurement in the wild.
> Tim

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