RE: CR Draft for new hr-time REC

This looks like a good publishing point to me.



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Subject: CR Draft for new hr-time REC

I prepared a CR draft for the next hr-time recommendation:

Now that the privacy review is done and gone, it removed the last blocker we had.

I removed translateTime, figuring we won't get that one ready on time for this cycle.

I moved the service workers to informative since I don't think we're depending on it at this time.

Compared to hr-time-1:
     Defines a precise definition of time origin for the purpose of all performance timeline related specifications;
     Provides the base definition for the Performance interface, including support for the method in Web Workers [WORKERS];
     To mitigate cache attacks, the recommended minimum resolution of the Performance interface should be set to 5 microseconds.

Let me wrong know I got anything wrong or missed something.


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