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It's very nice argue!

Postpone/Lazyload attributes are very useful for ATF performance
optimization. I also want to use it without jQuery-Lazyload Libraries.
Postpone attribute is an anti-pattern on mobile, so it should be
deprecated. But Lazyload attribute is not so bad for mobile network.

Lazyload attribute is similar to the part of HTTP 2 features. But they are
used by different roles.

On Sat, May 9, 2015 at 4:39 AM, Nik Matsievsky <> wrote:

>  Ilya, thank you for clarification.
> Who knows is there any (coming) specifications about lazyload feature (for
> images / media files)? It's quite useful for heavy websites.
>   Hey Evgeniy.
>  Sorry about the confusion! The Resource Priorities spec is, indeed,
> deprecated. I'll see if we can update the doc to make this clear
> -- thanks for the heads up. Also, I'm not aware of any plans by other
> browsers to support "lazyload".
> --
> Thank you, Nik Matsievsky
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