RE: setImmediate usage on the web

The setImmediate spec does not sufficiently explain that it is intended NOT to run in that situation. If IE/Microsoft Edge are tested, this can be observed.

I've added some comments and issues to the GitHub repo to ensure that clearly important processing model information is reflected here:


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On 6/24/15 3:42 PM, Tobin Titus wrote:
> Ross, with regards to requestIdleCallback 
> <

> 6CrSVK8NE4/edit#heading=h.lobhanl56igp>,
> I’m happy to be corrected, but I feel like requestIdleCallback is 
> setImmediate with an “best guess” at the idle time provided to the 
> callback.

No, because they have very different behavior in terms of when the callback runs.  setImmediate callbacks can run even if there is other stuff the browser wants to do instead; requestIdleCallback callbacks won't run in that situation.


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