Re: [RequestIdleCallback] Editor's Draft of requestIdleCallback spec

> Example 1 uses isExpired() which isn't defined anywhere.

Your right, this should have been isExceeded() which is defined in section
4. I've just pushed a change to correct this.

Fig.1 uses [Input], Fig. 2 [Handle Input]. What is the difference between
> those?

Fig.1 shows the situation where the browser has just finished rendering the
current frame, but knows it will need to render the next frame by the next
VSync (e.g., because animations are running, or the page is being
scrolled). Fig.2 shows the situation where the browser becomes idle (e.g.,
finishes rendering the final frame of an animation) and doesn't have any
more frames to render (e.g., the end of the idle period is unknown). Does
this clarify things?

Thanks for your comments!

Received on Wednesday, 22 July 2015 15:59:36 UTC