Re: [ResourceTiming] "timing allow check" steps depend on underdefined behavior

On 5/22/14, 11:25 PM, Arvind Jain wrote:
> The current document is the as described in step 1 of the processing model.

My point is that the term "current document" is not defined in this 
specification anywhere I can see.

If it's defined in some other specification, you should probably link to 
it.  But I'm not aware of any specification that defines such a term the 
way you want to use it here.  Same thing for "current browsing context".

What you may want to do is to have step 1 of the processing model 
associate a document and a browsing context with some object (the 
PerformanceResourceTiming object?).  But then you have to watch out for 
issues with and with initial about:blank going away but 
the window being reused, though (those are the two cases when documents 
don't match windows 1-1 in the platform).  I'm not sure what exact 
behavior you want here in those situations, so I can't tell you exactly 
how to define things.  Maybe you want to associate origins directly with 
some of these objects instead of associating documents...

In any case, right now the behavior is not really defined at all.


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