Re: Resource timing spec unclear about setResourceTimingBufferSize and onresourcebufferfull

On 5/4/14, 2:17 PM, Valentin Gosu wrote:

> This makes it seem as the new maxSize will only apply after
> clearResourceTimings is called. Point 20 of the processing model [2]
> does specify that setResourceTimingBufferSize may be called in the event
> handler for onresourcebufferfull to extend the primary buffer, but I
> feel that the first reference is vague/misleading.

It's worse than that.  Since the spec never clearly defines what 
"primary buffer is full", UAs are left guessing what to actually do in 
this step.  If the buffer currently contains 100 entries and there is a 
setResourceTimingBufferSize(50) call, is the buffer full in step 20?  Or 
does the "50" only take effect when clearResourceTimings is called, and 
until then the previous value of 150 continues to be the size at which 
the buffer is full?

I think what the spec could really use here is some clear assigning to a 
member slot of some sort in setResourceTimingBufferSize() and then a 
clear definition of how that member slot is or is not used in step 20.


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