Re: [Beacon] Off-line behavior, captive portals and error recovery

On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 11:05 AM, Arvind Jain <> wrote:
> Seems like there is agreement re. 401. The current draft will make the
> request fail if 401 authorization is required:
> I have a few more questions:
> 1) Re. 407, what should be the behavior? If the beacon response is a 407,
> should we display an authentication dialog given that the site may have gone
> away? Anne asked whether there should be a flag for it in fetching layer.
> What are we doing today in Mozilla's implementation?

I don't know. I'd lean towards saying that proxy handling is a UA
problem and we should leave it up to them.

I would think that proxy login prompts often don't have much context
anyway if the proxy is a general web proxy and not tied to a
particular website.

Also note that I believe we ignore 407 responses unless we explicitly
connected to a proxy.

> 2) Does Mozilla's current implementation persist beacons across restarts?


> 3) Does Mozilla's current implementation has a limit on size of the send
> queue? Jonas seemed to suggest there isn't but I want to double check.

I think we don't really have a send queue yet. I.e. we attempt to send
the request more or less right away, and if it fails we drop it.

> 4) Does Mozilla's current implementation have a timer after which the beacon
> is dropped?


/ Jonas

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