Re: Where are instances of PerformanceNavigationTiming created?

On 7/10/14, 3:40 PM, Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:
> I meant by Web developers

Oh, sure.  And specs should match those assumptions as needed/possible.

> Good point, performance entry needs to introduce the notion of "browsing
> context performance entries list".

Is the list per-browsing-context, or per-global, or per-document?

> Actually, when I wrote the lines, I was thinking to insert the step
> between step 15 and step 16 steps:
> [[
> 15. If both the Document's salvageable state and recycle are false, then
> the Document's browsing context must discard the Document.
> 16. End: Decrease the Document's ignore-opens-during-unload counter by
> one.
> ]]
> thus, it only get discarded if the Document itself is discarded, but
> that would qualify it as monkeypatching unless HTML adds a hook for us.

Hmm, I see.  Step 11 happens even if the document might be salvageable, 
and in particular the "unloading document cleanup steps" might make the 
document not salvageable.

So one option is to go ahead and do our thing from the "unloading 
document cleanup steps" but only if the document is already marked not 
salvageable.  If it is at that point (step 11) and then it turns out 
that it stops being so, step 15 will call 
which will once again invoke ""unloading document cleanup steps" but 
after setting salvageable to false.  I believe that will do what you 
want here.


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