Monkey patching

Per it would be great
if you guys could file bugs on the specifications you are changing.
E.g. adds the concept of
tracking resource loads for an entire document. Where is that list of
resources defined? Where is it defined that all the existing APIs add
to it?

We should have that written down so when we come across other cases
for which it makes sense to track resource loads for a document, such
as on HTML, we
can reuse the infrastructure and we don't end up with subtly different
behavior because people treated edge cases in slightly different ways.

This applies to most of your specifications as far as I can tell and
I've repeatedly made this comment, hopefully this time a bit more
clearly. Please file bugs on the specifications you are extending with
the goal of explaining the entire picture.

PS: Please copy me on any replies.


Received on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:42:26 UTC