Re: [resource-hints] Resource de-prioritization?

On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 11:53 PM, Patrick Meenan <>

> Blink also has a light tree pass that's part of the background parser
> <>
> that the preloader runs off of.  As long as the optional information was
> tagged on the elements directly (not applied by styles) it shouldn't be too
> hard to make blink skip preloading for the whole tree below it.
True! Reversing the order in which things are called would enable Blink and
WebKit's preloaders to be aware of the state of the tree, so we could mark
tokens as optional (or not send them to the preloader at all). +1 to
optional sub-trees as a lazy-loading signal.

Now we need to think if there are use-cases where a sub-tree shouldn't be
optional, but we'd want to lazy load its images never the less.

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