Re: [resource-hints] Resource de-prioritization?

On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 1:05 PM, Nat Duca <> wrote:

> Hmmm great point. I want to think about that for a bit to understand how
> preload could fit in. This sort of gets to "things that are attributes are
> scannable, so optionality would ideally be scannable", maybe?

And/or we just need to rethink how the Blink preloader operates. AFAIK, FF
(and IE, I believe) construct the actual tree as part of the preload scan
-- FF/IE folks, please correct me if that's not true. Point being, just
because "Blink can't do X today", shouldn't stop us in our tracks. :-)

Some combination of "element visibility" and "optional trees" would be much
welcome addition in my books! That would give us all the low-level
primitives to construct all kinds of great (and much needed) stuff in


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