Re: Animation frame task

On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 5:37 AM, Elliott Sprehn <> wrote:
> Blink does FIFO on "animation frame events" and then processes
> requestAnimationFrame callbacks after that. Currently we process scroll
> events, media queries, resize events, and the overflowchanged event in the
> FIFO queue. We plan to move more things there in the future (probably
> everything you listed). I don't think we want an explicit ordering in the
> queue, it should work just like the microtask queue with promises. Blink
> also has a concept of a unique event, specifically it'll only ever fire one
> scroll event per frame, even if there's many scrolls in that time period.

What about mouseover and friends?

I guess the best place to define this structure would be in HTML still
as that currently defines the event loop as well as microtasks and

> I also think there's value in spec'ing how RAF interacts with rendering,
> since it seems browsers disagree a lot there. An example is
> Here setInterval and RAF are setting two
> different colors. In Blink RAF always wins, because we layout and paint
> immediately after RAF. In Firefox which one wins seems to be totally
> arbitrary, you can refresh repeatedly and get stuck with a different color
> each time. In Safari and IE it will flicker constantly between the two
> colors.


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