Re: [Beacon] Required Beacon-Age: handling.

#11 is left to the user agent. In the usual case, it is hopefully soon
after step 10, but it can de delayed. Is it what you are asking?

On Sun, Aug 17, 2014 at 10:12 PM, Sigbjorn Finne <> wrote:
> Den 18.08.2014 04:03, skreiv Arvind Jain:
>> requestTime should be set to the time immediately after sendBeacon()
>> is called. So it should be before the actual Fetch is performed. The
>> actual Fetch may be performed quite a bit later (e.g. if the user
>> agent decides to delay the transmission).
> That makes sense, what about the other end of the interval that the age
> value captures, when is it assumed sampled, i.e., when is step 11 performed?
> (That was what I was referring to, sorry about confusing the spec naming.)
> --sigbjorn

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