Re: [ResourceTiming] The clock base to use in ResourceTiming is not defined

On 9/30/13 2:30 PM, Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:
> The DOMHighResTimeStamp type is used to store a time value measured
> relative to the navigationStart attribute of the PerformanceTiming
> interface [NavigationTiming], the start of navigation of the document,
> or a time value that represents a duration between two
> DOMHighResTimeStamps.

Indeed, but the point is that Resource Timing doesn't say which of those 
three cases it's using.

> Therefore, unless the attribute represents a duration (such as
> PerformanceEntry.duration), the 0 time is relative to navigationStart.

Why?  The spec doesn't say this anywhere.  My point is that it needs to, 
if it means that.  Presumably in the processing model.

Further, I believe that using DOMHighResTimeStamp for a _duration_ value 
is very misleading.  We should define a DOMHighResTimeDuration type for 


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