Re: [ResourcePriorities] Error in example

Actually, my first message wasn't thorough.

Please correct me if I'm wrong:
As I understand, readonly keyword means that the attribute cannot be assigned directly from the webpage(via html or js), but only can be changed inside the user agent. So the attribute is kind of a getter which just provides us some information about the interface.

If I'm right then readonly should be removed from all interfaces described in section 4.4, so that lazyload and postpone could be used.

Ivan Kotenkov

11.09.2013, Χ 19:43, Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@MIT.EDU> ΞΑΠΙΣΑΜ(Α):

> On 9/11/13 11:37 AM, Ivan Kotenkov wrote:
>> But lazyload attribute is defined readonly in section 4.4.1
> I think you're confusing content attributes and IDL attributes.
> That said, the IDL attribute's behavior here is totally undefined, the spec needs to define it.  And it's not clear to me why the IDL attribute is readonly.
> -Boris

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