Re: [Beacon] spec feedback + few suggestions

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 11:36 AM, Jatinder Mann <> wrote:

> > Beacon API should limit size of send payload to <TBD> KB****
> I agree that we should add a limit. Iíve heard feedback where some folks
> were hoping to use this API to do large background uploads. Adding a limit
> would prevent this kind of abuse of the API. What is a decent limit?

Why is it the spec's responsibility to set a limit? Shouldn't this be up to
the website developer to decide what is reasonable? A W3C spec just isn't
the right place to try to limit the functionality of the web in the name of

I think it makes sense that browser implementations have limits. But
implementation-specific variability can change as needed over time. Specs
can't be changed as easily.

Could we add a method for scripts to ask what the implementation limits are
(both size and frequency)? We're using query strings to send data in
certain places, and figuring out what will fit into query strings is


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