Re: [Beacon] spec feedback + few suggestions

I made some comments in the doc itself. Is this alright, or should we be
sending all comments to the list?


On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 10:27 AM, Ilya Grigorik <>wrote:

> Google search is rolling out <a ping> to mobile clients that support it
> and based on our measurements its saving 200-400ms on every click [1]. The
> latency savings by themselves are, of course, a huge win, but just as
> importantly, our metrics also show a significant improvement in number of
> successful navigations (one less redirect to go wrong + faster load of
> destination site).
> a) Above should address the previously raised concerns over usefulness of
> <a ping> (and by implication, Beacon).
> b) <a ping> lacks cross-browser support (limited to Safari and Chrome),
> which makes deployment a non-trivial exercise.
> As a result, I believe that having a cross-browser implementation of
> Beacon API would be a big performance win. Plus, Beacon is also much more
> flexible and would enable many additional optimization opportunities,
> including optimizing for battery life of mobile handsets... In short, we
> need Beacon API!
> On that note, Jonas and myself have put together a doc outlining some
> feedback and suggestions on current proposal:
> Would love to hear any thoughts or feedback.
> ig
> [1]

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