RE: [ResourceTiming] Handling of "resourcetimingbufferfull" events makes no sense

Supporting onresourcetimingbufferfull as an event handler for a simple event, as opposed to just a function pointer, seems like a better design. Looks like we can make that change and not negatively impact our existing implementations with a simple change to the Performance interface definition in Navigation Timing. I don't think we should take updates to a spec in Recommendation state lightly, but I think this one is simple enough to just do.

Does anyone have concerns with making this change? We would probably want to update the Navigation Timing errata,, with text like the following:

Section 4.4 The window.performance attribute
The Performance object needs to extend EventTarget. Replace "interface Performance" with "interface Performance: EventTarget"


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On 10/1/13 10:05 PM, Arvind Jain wrote:
> And re. Performance extending EventTarget, do we have to do it?

If you want to fire events at it, then you do....


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