RE: <img src="..." defer>

Great. I've updated the spec draft [1] to change 'delayload' to 'lazyload' and have clarified that the load event of the element with 'lazyload' must continue to be delayed until the resource is loaded.

I also added a clarification that if a script element has both the 'defer' and 'lazyload' attributes specified, the 'lazyload' attribute must take precedence.



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On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 2:32 PM, Jatinder Mann <<>> wrote:
> 'delayload' as in 'delay the load' sounds like the image may delay the loading of the page, when (in terms of the load event of the document) it does the opposite.

I think you have a good point here. 'delayload' delays downloading the resource but does not delay the window load event is confusing. 'lazyload' does seem to not have that problem and may be a more well understood term (for what it's worth, it has a Wikipedia page:

What do folks think of the 'lazyload' term?

I prefer it over the previous suggestions.

I also think the spec should be clear that using this attribute will mean that this resource will not block the load event for the window, but will continue to block the load event for itself.



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