Open Discussion Items for Diagnostics

I just wanted to briefly summarise the discussion items around Diagnostics as a preparation for tomorrows call:

Preflight JS Injection:

This came up during the error logging discussion. It is about the ability to inject JavaScript via a header so that in case a host is not reachable error logging data can be sent to another monitoring server. Additionally this can be used for page diagnostics purposes to load JavaScript before the actual page is loaded.

JavaScript profiling:

Support for a JavaScript API which allows to profile JavaScript executions. Here the most simple approach is to use something similar to the Chrome Dev Tools API which allows profileStart(name). profileEnd(name) and get profile(name) to get a profiling trace. This will help to figure why certain user actions in single page applications take long.

Browser Activity Monitoring

Monitoring of basic browser health metrics like memory consumption or CPU usage, rendering activities etc. This will help to detect situation where applications have serious performance problems or memory leaks.

Detailed Networking Diagnostics

Access to detailed request information like headers and the actually transferred content. This will help to find issues like misconfigured DNS load balancers where content is loaded for certain users from the wrong location (e.g. European user gets US West Coast CDN)

Event Hooking API

Many tools RUM as well as user analytics tools need to know when certain actions happen (e.g. clicks). Wrapping these events is cumbersome and error prone. Having a standardized way to do so would help getting better performance data – especially for single page applications.

For the full list discussed during the last face 2 face meeting see

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