navigationStart in NavigationTiming

I've a question about the definition of navigationStart in the
specification (

It says:
This attribute must return the time immediately after the user agent
finishes prompting to
previous document. If there is no previous document, this attribute must
return the same value as

The second part of this statement seems odd to me. In case the document in
question has redirects (e.g. same origin redirects), the value of
navigationStart will be very different if there was a previous document
that had to be unloaded vs. not.

The difference doesn't make sense.

This line was added on Oct 14. 2010. There is one discussion a day before
which seems to have better text for this but the spec has something else.

I think this inconsistency happened as we revised the definition of
navigationStart, and we forgot to update the second part of the definition.

I checked Chrome and it does the right thing - I load in a new tab and it has a same origin redirect.
navigationStart is not equal to fetchStart in this case, and in fact occurs
before redirectStart which in my opinion is correct behavior.

How do we fix this?


Received on Wednesday, 1 May 2013 02:08:12 UTC