RE: update resource timing cases from Intel

Thanks for the update. I've also noticed that the submitted Intel Resource Timing tests don't show pass or fail in IE. Will this new resource file fix that issue?

Feel free to email me the new resource file and I can upload it to the location.


From: Deng, Pan []
Sent: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 10:27 PM
To: Jatinder Mann; ''
Subject: update resource timing cases from Intel

Hi Jatinder

Sorry to reply late.
I just updated the resource timing test cases, they return pass or fail in IE as my test.
I also observed that the output doesn't show up when access them directly from, server side configuration?
In addition, new resource file "tests/submission/Intel/resources/blank_page_green_with_allow_timing.php" need to be deployed under "tests/resources/" of web server to run some cases, could you please help that?

Thanks & Regards

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