RE: New Resource and User Timing Test Cases

On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 5:20 PM, James Simonsen wrote:

> I've uploaded the test cases we use in WebKit to submission/Google/resource-timing.

> They could probably use a bit of clean up, but I think many of the important cases are there.

I've reviewed the Resource Timing test cases you had submitted,

I believe there are a number of test bugs causing the test cases to fail:

1. "document" PerformanceEntry

I noticed that the tests weren't recognizing the PerformanceEntry for the navigation of the document. This entry has the name "document". At least the following test cases have this issue: test_resource_ignore_data_url.html, test_resource_dynamic_insertion.html, and test_resource_ignore_failures.html.

2. Name attribute returns resolved URL

I noticed a few of the tests were incorrectly assuming that the name attribute for PerformanceResourceTiming entries was the URL that the resource was originally loaded with, not the resolved URL.

3. window.location.origin isn't a standardized property

I noticed that test_resource_attribute_order.html was using window.location.origin, which is only available in Webkit and hasn't actually been standardized (

4. Tests looking at incomplete URLs

A few tests are comparing the wrong URLs. The tests load the following resource URLs:

-       /webperf/tests/resources/generate_resource.php?type=css

-       /webperf/tests/resources/generate_resource.php?type=image

-       /webperf/tests/resources/generate_resource.php?type=iframe

The test then look for entries named with the same exact URLs as above, even though the actual entries are named with the completed URLs, such as:




I noticed this issue in test_resource_dynamic_insertion.html, test_resource_redirects.html, and test_resource_reparenting.html.

5. Some tests aren't running

Seems like there are a few of the tests weren't running, I haven't really dug into why: test_resource_script_types.html, test_resource_connection_reuse.html, test_resource_cached.html, test_resource_initiator_types.html

I noticed test_resource_frame_initiator_type.html throws an exception because it is referencing an undefined variable called "iframe".



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