[RequestAnimationFrame] Accuracy of timeouts


The draft currently focuses on improving the smoothness of animations, but the general title suggests that other aspects of timing control may also be in scope.
I understand that most people care about smoothness, but there are also use cases where it's more important to precisely control the duration (in my case the duration an image is visible in a reaction time study http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14323792/control-and-measure-precisely-how-long-an-image-is-displayed). 

Am I correct in my understanding that requestAnimationFrame does not add anything in that regard?
Is this considered a non-issue or is it more something for the performance timeline/user timing specs?
I'm not a professional web developer and couldn't tell. If so, sorry for spamming the list.

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Received on Tuesday, 15 January 2013 17:52:59 UTC